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Hamam at THE SPA

like being reborn

Exclusive Hamam treatment in Frankfurt

The Turkish steam bath (known as ‘Hamam’) is based on the ancient Eastern traditions and ritual cleansing ceremonies. Although Hamams in the East are still public bathing houses with people coming and going round the clock, you will enjoy your own very private Hamam in Frankfurt at THE SPA. Your personal master of ceremonies – called ‘Tellak’ in Turkish – will greet you and accompany you during the whole ritual in a private room. You will enjoy personal attention and complete peace in your personal haven of wellbeing.

Hamam in Frankfurt: choose from further treatments

Do you have some time on your hands? Then extend your visit to our Hamam in Frankfurt with a Rhassoul treatment. Thanks to the Hamam peeling, your skin is thoroughly clean and ready for the power of natural healing. Rhassoul is the Moroccan word for a special clay originating the Atlas Mountains, which for centuries has been dried, ground and its powder used as a skin cleanser.

Once mixed with water, the clay is smeared onto the whole of the body and left to dry so the skin can absorb its caring nutrients. Afterwards, you will be enveloped in warm steam and at the end of the treatment, our Hamam master and masseurs will wash off the clay. You will feel refreshed and revitalised.

Reserve your Hamam in Frankfurt

Because we want to ensure our guests’ privacy, capacity in the Hamam in Frankfurt is limited, so we recommend you book your treatment in advance. You can then look forward to relaxing and unwinding in your own haven of wellbeing at a time that suits you. Discover a magical, Eastern bathing ritual and experience our exclusive Hamam treatment in Frankfurt.

What does the Hamam ritual involve?

Do you want to be completely pampered? Our private Hamam in Frankfurt is the ideal place to learn about traditional Eastern bathing culture. Your Hamam ritual begins with a warm shower and a visit to the sauna so your muscles will be warmed up in preparation for the ceremony.

Back in your private Hamam, you will then lie down on the heated stone massage table. Lie relaxed while your Tellak envelopes you in a sweet-smelling, warm blanket of lather. Alternating between soapy warm and cold water, the classic bath stimulates the circulation and promotes blood flow. At the same time, you will enjoy an exceedingly relaxing massage with your Tellak softly pressing and kneading your muscles.

Using a special glove made from wild silk called a Kese, your Tellak will scrub you thoroughly, freeing your skin of dead skin cells and impurities through this natural type of peeling. Your skin will feel wonderfully smooth afterwards.

At the end of the ritual, wrap yourself in a soft, cuddly bathrobe and enjoy the holistic relaxation over a cup of tea in our Hamam in Frankfurt. 

Hamam Ritual

Wellness from a thousand and one nights

99€ / 45min
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Rhassoul and Hamam Ritual

Our Hamam Ritual complemented by a soothing poultice of rhassoul

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