Physiotherapy at THE SPA

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Heiko Schneider, Bachelor of Science (Health), is a physiotherapist. For him, successful treatment begins with the initial examination.

It is crucial to find the cause and treat this, instead of treating just the symptoms. It is equally important to discuss the results of the examination and the therapeutic approach with patients and to give them a golden thread to getting fit and healthy again. 


His treatment specializations are evidence-based manual therapy and nonoperative orthopedics. 
The bedrock of his training was physiotherapy studies in the Netherlands and Germany. In addition, Mr. Schneider regularly participates in training courses and for the examination and therapy, he bases his work on current scientific findings in physiotherapy and medicine.


The following treatments are offered three days a week:

  • Diagnosis: 30 min., €79
  • Treatment 50/80 min., €149/189
  • Creation of a training plan: 50 min., €129

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