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Yoga in Frankfurt with an experienced instructor

Over the last decades, the ancient Indian doctrine of Yoga has won countless followers in the West. More and more people have come to value the mix of meditative immersion and ritualised movement that equally relaxes body, soul and spirit. You can enjoy Yoga in Frankfurt in the elegant yet restful atmosphere of THE SPA. Choose between private lessons at your convenience or exclusive yoga courses with up to three participants led by Yogi Feroze Khan. Many courses are also suitable for beginners. Make an appointment now!

All about Yoga

Yoga is a centuries’ old, Indian philosophical doctrine. Its roots lie in meditative immersion, when both spirit and body are brought to rest through breathing exercises (called Pranayama).

Indian Yogis often meditate for hours in order to become one with their consciousness and adopting certain postures helps them to increase concentration and stability. The physically more demanding Hatha Yoga, with its 84 ‘Asanas’, has been building on this ritual since the 15th century and is still taught today in Yoga courses worldwide. Some of the most famous ‘Asanas’ include ‘sun salutation’, ‘tree’ and the headstand ‘Shirshasana’. In the West, Yoga first became popular with the New Age movement in the 1960s and has won many followers since then. As well as the traditional Hatha Yoga, countless other Yoga methods have developed emphasising different approaches. Are you looking for effective yet relaxing Yoga in Frankfurt? You can book courses with a limited number of participants (maximum three) so your Yoga master can give you the attention you deserve.

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European Yoga in Frankfurt with Feroze Khan

Yoga master Feroze Khan was born in India and discovered his passion for Yoga during a visit to the Bikram Yoga Center in New York. He taught himself Yoga and quickly established his first studio for Yoga in Frankfurt. He also holds courses at the EU Headquarters in Brussels, where many of the leading lights of Europe are his satisfied students. Feroze Khan teaches Bikram Yoga, also called Hot Yoga, which was developed decades ago by Bikram Choudhury. The 26 classic Asanas (poses) in Hatha Yoga are combined with the traditional Indian breathing techniques of Pranayama and Kapalbhati to produce a Yoga class which is full of movement. A special feature of Bikram Yoga is the high room temperature of 40°C, which further warms up the muscles and reduces the risk of muscle or tendon damage. At the same time, the high temperature ensures healthy perspiration.

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European Yoga Institute - Happiness Program!

A path for a mind free of worries, a heart free of sadness, a body free of illness and life full of excitement.

Are you suffering from severe pain?

Yoga asanas pure and authentic form that have been practiced for centuries, integrated with wisdom from ancient scriptures, are brought to you in a format that would help you to improve the quality of daily living. You stretch, you sweat, you laugh, you do more for your body and mind.

Yoga exercise that covers all five levels of human existences, mind, body, life force breath (prana), intellect and emotions.

Yoga asanas is all natural movements for the body.

Pranayama breathing for mind, brain and body helps purification of thoughts.

Meditation for memory and emotions.

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